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ArtSpot is an art center which gives professional artistic services in an artistic and calm atmosphere to people who look for arts in beautiful Port Moody, the city of art.


ArtSpot has different arts and music lessons such as drawing and painting, piano, guitar, voice, violin, story writing and variety of creativity workshops.

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Collections of Beautiful Piano Songs of All Ages

Piano Tuning & Service

The piano must be tuned and serviced annually to remain in a good shape and condition, does not matter if anyone plays it or not or if sounds almost OK or not.


Music sheets

Song Bahar-e-Delneshin

ترانه زیبای “بهار دلنشین” که استاد بنان آن را اجرا کرده است و یکی‌ از بهاری‌ترین ترانه‌های تاریخ موسیقی ایران است
“Bahar-e-Delneshin performed by Maestro Banan.



ترانه محلی “ٔگل پامچال” یک ترانه زیبای بهاری است که از شمال ایران است
“Gol-e-Pamchal” is a folk song from north of Iran.



آهنگ “دل یار” که بیشتر در زمان نزدیک به شب یلدا آن را میشنویم از ساخته‌های انوشیرون روحانی و با اجرای سارا نائینی است. قسمتی‌ از متن ترانه: باد رویامو چه زود دزدید، من یلدام شب دور از خورشید
“Delyar” is a Yald night song by Anooshiravan Rohani performed by Sara Naeinie.



ترانه محلی “شکار آهو” با متن ساده و زیبای میخوام برم کوه، شکار آهو، تفنگ من کو لیلی جان، تفنگ من کو… این ترانه را بسیاری از جمله پری زنگنه اجرا کرده است
“shekar Ahoo” is a Persian folk music, performed by many artists such as Pari Zanganeh.

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Our students are the best!!!
Javad Noori

Javad Noori

Piano student

"Roham Behmanesh is a widely respected piano educator and writer based in the world, where he runs a successful private teaching studio. He is a published composer, author, and his original compositions and piano recordings have been streamed by more than a million listeners worldwide"

Nikki Bahmani

Nikki Bahmani

Piano student

"ArtSpot is a great place to learn or improve on the art of music. Roham is a phenomenal teacher! ArtSpot is a studio that cannot be compared to any other studios…."

Vahid Fazelinia

Vahid Fazelinia

Theory student

The piano educational music of Roham Behmanesh is one of the great treasures of the pedagogic repertoire, and deserves to be known by teachers and students everywhere…


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