Sheet music is written music which musicians read to come up with a musical composition. People who wish to know how to read this type of music need to be taught. Teaching kids is not hard as long as you are able to know how to grab their attention. For your child to enjoy his/her music lessons you will need to be innovative. Find out the best time for you teach them. The lessons should not appear to interfere with their lives otherwise they will loathe the practice. In that case, take enough time to practice based on your child’s age. If it is possible, practice with them so that they become more enthusiastic. You know that kids love attention and so you will have to look for an audience for the child. Cheer them on and involve their friends and family. That way they will look forward to the next session. The following are tips to help you teach sheet music to kids.

  • Get a colored board or cloth.

Kids love the colors and it will be ideal to get a colored board where to write notes. Your felt pens should also be of diverse colors. This way you get their attention quickly. Make sure that the notes are in different colors such as yellow, blue, red, lime green and other kids’ colors.

  • One line at a time.

During music lessons draw the treble clef and start with a single line. Take them slowly by showing them the notes found on each line. For instance, after drawing the treble clef start with the top line and tell them the notes found there. Revise with them to confirm whether they have understood the lesson. For example, draw a line and ask them, “which notes are found on this line?” Give them time to remember and tell you. Appreciate them if they get it right and if they don’t remind them and be supportive.

  • Allow them to draw.

When it comes to music lessons kids remember what they do for themselves more than what the teacher does for them. In that case, allow them to draw their own treble clefs and leave them to fill in the notes. This will give them enthusiasm and they will be more attentive in class. The best thing about them doing most of the work for themselves is that they will be less likely to forget and more cooperative.

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